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Remedy for Mealy Bugs

Remedy for Mealy Bugs

Remedy for Mealy Bug can be controlled by using the following solution.

1. Remedy for Mealy Bugs-Solution 1:

Spray Jeevamrut regularly

2. Remedy for Mealy Bugs-Solution 2:

Step 1:

10 grams of dried pods of babool tree.

Step 2:

Prepare powder of the pods along with the seed.

Step 3:

Take 1 liter of water in a vessel and mix the powder thoroughly in the water.

Step 4:

Keep the solution in shade for 2 hours.

Step 5:

Filter the solution using a cloth.

Step 6:

Mix the filtered solution with 200 litres of water and use the solution for 1 acre.

Note: Do not use electric mixer grinder to make powder. Use mortal and pestle.

Poonam Singh


Soybean Meal Fertilizer

Soybean Meal Fertilizer

Earth soybean meal 7-1-2 provides gardeners an efficient plant-based fertiliser to be used in vegetable and flower gardens, lawns and landscape. DTE soybean meal comes from organically full-grown, GMO-free soybeans that are mechanically processed to preserve the best plant nutrient value. soybean meal (SBM) organic fertiliser is rich supply of nitrogen and Phosphorus. The composition of Soybean meal is close to the composition of Alfalfa Meal. SBM is created from extracting most the oil from whole soybean. SBM has higher nitrogen content and has a lot of neutral pH than cottonseed Meal.

SBM isn’t water soluble and wouldn’t create a decent liquid fertiliser ingredient.

As a result of SBM is usually used as an animal feed you’ll realize it at your native feed offer store

Soybean Meal Fertilizer Use:

1. Used to increase green leaf growth and increase the health of the whole plant.

2. To add nitrogen to your garden as a supply, continuously mix it into the soil.

3. Use SBM within the high layer of soil of your garden, wherever new roots can find it.


Soybean meal is used chiefly as animal feed because of its high protein content that may be up to forty eighth crude protein. … one among the advantages of soybean meal is that it is very high in nitrogen for an organic fertilizer usually reaching 7%.

Pay attention:

Research from North Carolina University shows that SBM will inhibit the germination of tiny seeds (collards, lettuce, and turnips) of up to 50% reduction.

Poonam Singh


Cattle dung-Urine-Hing solution

Cattle dung-Urine-Hing solution

A large number of micro-organisms present in the cow’s dung and urine are useful for controlling many fungal diseases. Nutrients present in the mixture are useful for effective plants growth. It can be applied two to three times during the crop period.

Required material:

1. Cow dung – 5 kilograms

2. Cow urine – 5 litres

3. Hing – 200 grams

4. Lime – 150 grams

Preparation method:

1. Mix 5 kg cow dung, 5 liter of cow urine and 5 liter of water in a tub.

2. Cover the tub and leave the solution for fermentation for 4 days.

3. Mix the solution with a stick every day.

4. After 4 days, filter the solution, then add 150 gram of lime and 200 gram of Hing to this solution.

5. Add 100 liter of water to the solution to spray for 1 acre.


1. Since this solution is thicker, so use the mesh or gunny bag to filter it (for the first time).

2. After that filter through a thin cloth and add water to it.

3. This solution can be stored for 1 or 2 days.

Pay attention:

1. This solution will help to manage fungal diseases.

2. This solution will improve the resistance strength of the crops.

3. Spraying of this solution will improve drought resistance capacity.

Poonam Singh

Green Tea Fertilizer

Green Tea Fertilizer

These fresh leaves help in improving the overall plant’s growth, health and vigor by working as a base and fertilizer. When applying tea leaves used for improve and development of plant growth, mix loose tea leaves directly into the plant soil  or spreading tea leaves around the top soil, like a mulch.

The green tea leaves used to promote soil to turn into healthy soil. As well as protecting the leaves or plains, the soil structure and soil can be put to keep healthy. Fresh leaves will act as base and fertilizer. Along with that, it will help to improve the plant’s growth completely.

Preparation method of green tea: –

Take a big bucket with a lid and combine the comfrey, borage, stinging nettles, lucerne hay, grass clippings together. Then mixed 1 parts of  green matter and 10 parts water. Cover the mixture with the lid. Unless it becomes completely gray or yellowish colour usually it is ready to be used within a few weeks. Keep adding more water until it no longer turns brown or yellowish colour. As you use liquid. It is very good to mix the remaining sludge in the manure pile or put it directly into your garden like a bed.

Use: –

1. Instead of throwing used coffee grounds, tea bags and loose tea leaves grounds, consider using them in the garden and landscape of your home plants.

2.Tea grounds act as a fertilizer.

3. Help to improve the plant’s growth, overall health and vigor.

Benefit: –

Green tea is a hot beverage for humans, which also gives benefits to plants

1. Soil Enrichment –

When green tea is added to soil, it contributes to the overall health of the plant.

2. Use for composting-

Green tea bags, tea bags or loose tea can go directly into the compost pile.

3. Use for food.

Poonam Singh

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