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Benefits from Organic farming: –

1. Organic farming increases the fertile capacity of the land.

2. Increase in crops also increases the income of farmers.

3. Organic farming also reduces the production cost of crops.

4. Biological farming also improves the quality of land.

What is organic farming? First of all, let us tell you that this is a method of farming, that produces crops without chemical fertilizers and pesticides are using very little quantity. Organic farming is also called traditional farming. The main purpose of organic farming is to keep the fertilizer power of the soil as well as increase the production of crops.

5. The water retention capacity also increases.

6. We use nutritious elements by the use of crops grown from Organic farming, which can save the body from many toxic elements.

7. Creating Organic manure by using cow dung and garbage also reduces atmospheric pollution.

The side effects of farming by chemical fertilizers: –

1. The use of chemical fertilizers is decreasing the fertile capacity of the land, resulting in decrease in crop production.

2. The use of chemical fertilizers also reduces the capacity of soil water filler.

3. Farmers using the chemical fertilizer cost. The cost of production of crops, which also leads to lower income.

4. Human body is facing many serious and complex diseases due to the use of crops grown by chemical fertilizers.

Pay attention:-

1. Thus, increases the production of crops by using organic farming only.

2. Side effects of chemical fertilizers and environmental pollution can also be avoided.

Poonam Singh



Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh

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