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Agniastra- Leaf roller, stem, fruit and pod borer

Agniastra- Leaf roller, stem, fruit and pod borer

Agniastra is a very powerful missile against insects like leaf roller, stem borer, fruit borer and pod borer.

This mixture can be easily prepared by the farmers at home.

Materials needed for Agniastra:

1. Cow urine

2. Tobacco’s crushed leaves 25 gm / litre of cow urine

3. Native hot green chilli pulp 25 gm / litre of cow urine

4. Native garlic pulp 5 gm per litre cow urine

5. Crushed neem leaves (with a thin stem) or neem seeds powder 100 grams per litre cow urine.

Preparation method:

Step 1:

Mix all the ingredients in a pottery vessel. Use a wooden stick to mix the ingredients. The stick should be rotated in the clockwise direction in the mixture, so that the positive energy spreads in the mixture.

Step 2:
Boil the mixture on the fire and boil it.
Step 3:

Cover the tank with a jute sack or poly net. The tank should be in shadow and it should be noted that the tank is not directly exposed to sunlight or rain water. The mixture should be left for 48 hours for fermentation.

Step 4:

Using a wooden stick, mix the mixture twice a day in the morning and evening for 1 minute in the direction of clockwise.

Step 5:

Filter the mixture after 48 hours and keep Agniastra in the bottle.

Preparation time:

48 hours


3 months


Sprinkle the mixture on infected plants or spray 3% Agniastra with water, through the foliar-spray. If the infection is high, then 4% can use the mixture. For 1 acre farm, mix 6 to 8 litres Agniastra with 200 litres of water and sprinkle on the plants.

Pay attention:

1. Using sil-over, crushed neem leaves and tobacco leaves.

2. Use the sil-over to make chilli pulp and garlic pulp.

3. Use cow urine only for indigenous cow.

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