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Cow Urine as Bio-fertilizer-as an organic fungicide or insecticide.

Cow Urine as Bio-fertilizer-as an organic fungicide or insecticide.

Urine is used in various traditional organic composts and traditional fertilizer dishes such as panchagavya (milk, curd, ghee (cow less butter), dung and cow urine, when mixed panchagavya). Some experts suggested that it can be mixed with all types of soil and it can be used for spraying as an organic fungicide or insecticide. Cow urine is full of ammonical nitrogen, and many useful salts and minerals are also available in it.

After regular use of cow urine in crops, it has been found that soil microorganisms have also increased with crop production. Cow urine, natural fertilizer, soil texture and improvement in plant growth rate, as well as increase in agricultural production. The use of cow urine prevents disease from occurring by any insect. Cow urine works to accelerate the growth of the plant.

Agricultural experts suggest that you can use cow urine alone or mix it with some other ingredients to achieve good results.

Cow Urine

Use: It is used in various forms.

1. Cow urine as an antimicrobial agent

2. In the treatment of cow-urine wounds

3. Cow urine contains anti-cancer properties

4. Favorable effect of cow urine fertilizer on the quality of pasture

5. Cow-Urine-based disinfectant growth

6. Treatment of cow urine on Leishmania’s disease

Chemical composition of cow’s urine

1. Water – 95%

2. Urea – 2.5%

3. Mineral salt – 2.5%

4. Hormone enzymes

Chemical Constituents of healthy cow urine

1. Urine volume                        17-45ml/kg/day

2. Specific gravity                      025-1.045

3. pH                                           4-8.4

4. Total nitrogen                       45ml/kg/day

5. Urea nitrogen                       23-28ml/kg/day

6. Allantoin                               20-60ml/kg/day

7. Ammonia nitrogen               1-1.7ml/kg/day

8. Coproporphyrin                   5-14micogram/dl

9. Magnesium                          7mg/kg/day

10. Calcium                              1-1.4ml/kg/day

11. Chloride                             1mmol/kg/day

12.  Potassium                         08-0.15mmol/kg/day

13. Sodium                               2-1.1mmol/kg/day

14. Creatinine                          15-20mg/kg/day

16. Uric acid                             1-4mg/kg/day

17. Leucocyte                           <15micro It

18. Sulphate                             3-5mg/kg/day

19. Uroporphyrin                     5-7.0mg/dl

20. Glucose                                Nil

21. Haemoglobin                      Nil

22. Protein                                 Nil


Lactate- Dehydrogenase                21.780 unit | lt

Alkaline Phosphatase                     110.110 KA Unit

Acid Phosphates                              456.620 XA Unit

Amylase                                             90.236 Unit

Vit-C                                                   216.408 milligrams |lt

Vit-B1                                                 444.125 microgram|lt.

Vit-B2                                                 0.633 9 milligrams|lt

Protein                                               0.1037 gm|lt

Uric Acid                                            135.028 milligrams|lt

Creatinine                                          0.9970 g| lt

Lactate                                               3.7830 mmol | lt

Phenol                                               4.7580 milligrams |100 ml

Free volatile phenol                        0.7130 milligrams | 100 ml

Compound volatile phenol            1.3420 milligrams|100 ml

Aromatic hydroxy Acid                    2.7030 milligrams |100 ml

Calcium                                              5.735 mmol | lt

Phosphorus                                      0.4805 mmol | lt

Effects of cow-urine:

1. After analyzing soil, it is found that there is no dearth of micronutrients.

2. The color of leaves becomes green with the use of urea.

3. The favorable effects of cow urine are clearly visible in the next crop.

4. There is a change in soil texture by cow-soil.

5. For the development of the soil produces good environment in the soil.

6. After 10-12 days of spraying of cow urine on crops, it acts as a pesticide.

7. It helps in development of plants as promoters.

8. Farmers also get good profits in yield and income through cow urine.

9. Farmers have found that the production of chili has increased by 10%.

The cultivation of maize which was done in the wasteland has increased by 15%.


After regular use of cow urine in wheat crop, farmers have found that soil microorganisms have increased with crop production. It also enhances soil texture and structure. It is not possible to use any insect diseases due to its use. Because cow urine provides assistance in the development of pond.

Poonam Singh


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