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Natural Fungicide-Use-on crops and plants

Natural Fungicide-Use-on crops and plants

Farmers can also create natural fungicide, which help protect plants against attack by fungi.

These fungicide can be easily prepared by the farmer at home. Everything is naturally available to prepare it, and it costs very low to make it. Natural fungicide can be avoided by spreading the following diseases such as: – Powdery Mildew, Downey Mildew, Rust etc.

Method of making natural fungicide: –

Mixture 1:

1. For 1 acre, add 10 to 20 liters of Jeevamrut mixed in 200 liters of water and sprinkle it using a foliar-spray.

2. Before mixing with water, using the cloth, the Jeevamrut should be filtered.

Mixture 2: 

For 1 acre, mix 5 liter citrus buttermilk with 200 liters of water and sprinkle it on plants using foliar-spray.

Mixture 3: 

1. 5 kg of farm yard manure.

2. Make a good powder of compost and bind the powder in the fabric.

3. Leave the bundle of this powder in 200 liters of water for 48 hours.

4. After 48 hours, remove the bundle from the water and squeeze.

5. Dip the bundle again in water and take it out after a while and squeeze it again.

6. Repeat this procedure 3 times and then filter this mixture.

7. Spread the filtered mixture in 1 acre.

Mixture 4:

1. Take 2 liters of water in a vessel. Mix 200 grams (dry ginger) powder or Waving powder in it and mix this mixture well.

2. Cover the utensil and boil it on the fire. Boil this mixture over low flame until the water is half, then leave the mixture to cool down.

3. Take 2 liters of indigenous cow milk in a separate vessel and boil it on low flame.

4. When the milk starts to 1 boil, leave the milk to cool down. When milk is cooled, remove the cream above it.

5. Take 200 liters of water in a new tank and mix the prepared mixture and milk.

6. Mix this mixture thoroughly and then filter it using a cloth.

7. Spray this filtered mixture using the foliar-spray within 24 hours.

8. You can also use this mixture for 1 acre of land.

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