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The greenness of leaves, the health of plants, the majority of diseases and pests can be managed by the Dashparni Ark. Along with this there is a reduction in the cost of improving the quality of the fruit and the cost of plant protection measures. Plants are protected against fungal and bacterial diseases like: – powdery mildew, Rust, Smut, Downy mildew etc. This mixture can be made easily by the farmers at home.

Materials for Dashparni Ark:

1. Gilloy, Ghanari, Dhatura, Neem, Kaner, Sitafal, Mahananda, Arand, Papaya leaves  2 kg

2. Cow dung 5 kg

3. Cow urine 5 liters

4. Water 100 liters

Preparation method: 

Phase 1:

Take leaves of the above plants 2 kg each in a tank and crush the leaves well. Mix 5 liters of cow urine in crushed leaves and then add 100 liters of water and 5 kg cow dung to this mixture. 

Phase 2:

Cover the above material with a jute sack or poly net for 21 days for the storage of fermentation and leave the tank.

Phase 3:

Filter the ingredients done after 21 days and use it.

Preparation time: 

21 days


6 months


1. Use this mixed mixture with 5 ml / liters of water for better results.

2. Sprinkle on plants at intervals of 10 days.

Poonam Singh 

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh, M.Sc.(Bio-Chemistry), Content writer, Self Shiksha, Lcoatips, Candidviews, Quikpills and Former Research Director at NEEW

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