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A decomposer is an organism that decomposes or breaks down organic material such as the remains of dead organisms. Decomposers are involved in bacteria and fungi. Which all live organisms pass after death. These organisms complete the process of decomposition. Decomposition is an important process, it allows organic matter to be renewed in the ecosystem.


Raw organic matter is the primary decompose, which are unicellular saprotrophic fungi, which grow as a branching network of hyphae. The fungi can use their hyphae to penetrate a large piece of organic matter. Fungi break down enzymes into decaying materials by decomposing organic matter, after which they absorb the decaying material nutrients.


1. Bacteria are important decomposers. They break down any types of organic matter.

2. A gram of soil typically contains 40 million bacterial cells, and these bacteria make biomass on earth.

3. Bacteria are important in the recycling of nutrient.

Function of Decomposers

1. Decomposers play an important role in every ecosystem.

2. The decomposers, dead organisms will neither be broken down and renewed into other living matter.

3. The reason for the decomposers decompose, however, is simply, because they need to survive.

4. Decomposers are heterotrophic, meaning that they derive their energy from organic materials.

5. A dead organism provides nutrients for decomposers such as bacteria and fungi.

6. They can use to order to grow and propagating, reproduce their own species.

7. This is the side effect of this basic need to survive that organic material and nutrients are cycled throughout the ecosystem as other organisms consume the bacteria and fungi.


1. The decomposer breaks down the remains of dead organisms, including animal waste, into products of simple substances re-used by plants.

2. Decomposer makes the process of composting faster

3. The decomposer excretes the rest as nutrient into soil and gases like: – nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

4. plays an important role in ecosystem.

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh, M.Sc.(Bio-Chemistry), Content writer, Self Shiksha, Lcoatips, Candidviews, Quikpills and Former Research Director at NEEW

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