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Manure tea is similar to compost tea fertilizer. Decomposed animal  manure is mixed in water, and until the water has becomes dark brown color, it is allowed to remain immersed in it. The solid materials of manure are taken out, then the liquid is used to lawns, gardens and flowers. Human waste is not recommended, because it contains parasites and diseases that should not be present into your soil.

It is compost tea, but uses composted livestock manure. The manure is collected in the sun during many months and then the compost is made. The livestock are raised in pastures where grasslands are available, where cattle are allowed to graze according to nature intended. Manure teas are used as a soil conditioner in vegetable gardens, flower gardens, lawns  and compost piles. The soil condition is better by planting plants  with composting tea, so that the roots of plants can absorb nutrients. It also provides valuable nutrients, minerals and beneficial microorganisms that help in growing strong and healthy plants. To speed up decomposition, manure tea can also be added directly to compost pile.

Method of preparation: –

1.Fill a 5 gallons (18.9 litres) bucket with the appropriate amount of water.

2. Put the manure into a large burlap sack or pillowcase. You should use 5 parts of water to 1 part manure.

3. Tie a knot in the sack to secure it.

4. Put the sack into the water.

6. Cover the bucket with a towel to keep flies away.

7. Let the sack to steep in the water for several days. The tea manure should reach a deep, dark golden brown color.

8. Remove the sack from the water after its been full steeped and allow it to hang over the bucket until it no longer drips.

10. This dilute mixture with clean water.

11. Apply to your plants and see them grow beautiful and healthy.

Use: –

Manure  tea can be applied in a many ways. To spray easily, keep in a spray bottle, or in a watering can for better saturation. A hose-end sprayer can be utilized for large areas. Manure tea can be put directly onto a compost heap to speed decomposition.

Benefit: –

Manure tea provides nutrients and minerals quickly. Most chemical fertilizers are slow released, which can take days or weeks to take effect. Manure  tea fast to provide  your plants with essential nutrients when, and where, they require the most. Manure tea can be used as a foilar sprays misted onto plant leaves.

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh, M.Sc.(Bio-Chemistry), Content writer, Self Shiksha, Lcoatips, Candidviews, Quikpills and Former Research Director at NEEW

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