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Manures and Fertilizers – The plants need food / nutrients / elements for their growth and development, which are absorbed through the soil. The sources of nutrient supply are manure and fertilizer. Application of manure and fertilizers to the soil is one of the important factors, which help in increasing the crop yield and maintain the soil fertility. N, P and K are the 3 essential elements required for the crop growth.

Manures and Fertilizers

1. Manure:

It is a well disintegrated. All the excreta left by the animals and the straw, the litter, which is in the Stable, the barn or yard, all of it are included in it.

The term manure is used with the exception of water to any material,  when combined into soil and it becomes productive and promotes growth of the plant.

2. Fertilizer

These are industrially manufactured chemicals containing nutrients of plants. Or

It is an artificial product, which contains nutrients of the plant. Those who increase productivity when put into the soil, and also promotes plant growth along with them.

Difference between Manures and Fertilizers:-

Sr No Characteristics Manures Fertilizer
1 Origin Plant or animal origin Chemical synthesized or manufactured
2 Nature Organic in nature Inorganic in nature
3 Type Natural product artificial product
4 Conc. Of nutrients less concentrated More concentrated
5 Material Supply organic matter Supply inorganic matter
6 Nutrient availability slowly available May or may not be readily  available
7 Nutrients Supply all the primary nutrients including Micronutrient Supply specific type of nutrients one, two or three. micro nutrients may or may not be present
8 Effect on Soil Health Improves physical condition of soil Do not improve the physical condition of soil
9 Effect on plant growth No bad effect when applied in large quantities. Adverse effect on plant whenever there is deficiency or excessive application

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Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh

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