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Sanjivak used for enriching the soil with microorganisms and quick residue decomposition, Sanjeevak is used by sprinkling in soil or applying in irrigation water.

Required material for Sanjivak

1. 100-200 kg Cow dung

2. 100 liter Cow-urine

3. 500 gm Jaggery

4. 300 liter water

Preparation method

1. Mix 100-200 Kg cow dung, 100 Lit cow urine and 500 gm jaggery in 300 lit of water in a 500-lit closed drum.

2. Ferment for 10 days

3. Dilute with 20 times water and sprinkle in one acre either as soil spray or along with irrigation water.


Used as soil application either by sprinkling or by applying through irrigation water. Three applications are needed one before sowing, second after twenty days of sowing and third after 45 days of sowing.

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh, M.Sc.(Bio-Chemistry), Content writer, Self Shiksha, Lcoatips, Candidviews, Quikpills and Former Research Director at NEEW

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